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Attention: Parents of High School Players
"Finally! How to stop being overlooked by college baseball coaches and get more opportunities"
(Without spending money on a recruiting service)
✅ Get College Baseball Opportunities and offers
✅ Earn private scholarship money and get a 'full ride'
✅ Find the perfect school for your son both academically and athletically
From: Jason Alamo
Re: Your son deserves to get college baseball attention

Dear parent of a high school baseball player,

If you want have a college plan and find the best fit for them, earning academic scholarship money to cover the cost of college, or even if you just want to make goals and have clarity over where they will go to school, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

because it isn't enough to be a good player, you must have a clear vision and plan for your son to play at the next level and finding the right school fit!
My name is Jason Alamo and I am the creator of the College Baseball Planner program.  

I coached at seven different collegiate programs and have had a private player development facility for over a decade.  During the time in the player development sector, I noticed parents were being misled into spending time, effort, and money on things that did not help their son reach their college dreams.

Parents consistently would tell me that they tried to help their child get noticed with recruiting services, select teams, showcases and camps and they felt like they were just shooting in the dark.  No structured plan and an overall approach that made the player and parent feel helpless and not in control of the situation.

This is when I knew I had to use my experience and knowledge as a  former college coach to help parents cut through the B.S. and give them a system and plan to find  the right fit for their son so they could target the right schools and once  they did  that, would get their attention! 

This program is going to give you everything you need to find the best fit academically and athletically for your son.

Unlock the tips, methods and information that college coaches will not tell you.  Recruiting services don't want you to know you can do everything on your own without their  help and accomplish even better results. 

You need to act on this now because players need to be starting this specialized 'plan of action' right now!

Once your son begins our program, they will have a clear understanding about what they need to do RIGHT NOW to play at the next level.   No more vague goals and hoping  just 'any' school is interested.  It is time  to find schools that match their personality,  academic interests, geographical and financial needs.  Do they know the exact five schools they should be targeting right now that meets all of those needs? 
When your son gets New college opportunities, think about how good you'll feel knowing they maximized their potential! 
✅ Watching your son continue to enjoy and accomplish life long dreams.
✅ The peace of mind knowing your son has a plan and is on the path to finding his perfect school.
✅ No more wondering if you are doing all that you can to help your son accomplish his goals. 

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

✅ You will discover how to earn enough academic money to cover all of your sons expenses without needing a full baseball scholarship.  This will help him have more options to play at different college baseball programs without going into debt!

✅ You'll understand exactly what to do without spending thousands on unnecessary events and products that do not get results.

✅ You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST players from reaching the next level (even though they were capable)!

✅ You'll know exactly how to zone in on the schools that have the highest chance of being interested and save time and money on events.

✅ Your son will escape the pain of being overlooked and not getting a chance to play at the next level. 
Limited Time Sale: $2,997
✅ How to find your accurate college playing level to target the right schools (the most important part of the recruiting process). Hint: Getting this wrong virtually eliminates your chance of playing college baseball.  

✅ How to know exactly what type of players each school is recruiting and why.  

✅ The different types of college levels and how to know which one is the right fit for your academic and baseball skills.  

✅ How to research schools that give you the best 'match' so coaches are interested in you right away.
Your Baseball Metrics VIDEO MODULE
✅ How to find the hitting, throwing, running and pitching speeds and qualities coaches are really looking for.  

✅ The specific baseball metrics and qualities colleges look for by position (videos on each position).

✅ Learn what velocity numbers you need right now. 
9th-12th Grade Advanced Checklists VIDEO MODULES
✅ Exactly what you should be doing each grade year broken down into 4 parts of each year! 

✅ 16 videos giving you the insight and tricks/tips into how to maximize every step. (Hint: most players are told to do important steps TOO Late and it costs them BIG opportunities). 

✅ The advanced checklist combines academics and baseball goals to work together for peak results.  
College Baseball Planner Workbook
✅ A digital copy of our workbook containing everything in one place! 

✅ Use with the videos to have the best college plan available! 

✅ College Baseball Planning Worksheets
✅ Baseball Data Metrics
✅ Recruiting Profile Key Information
✅ NCAA Eligibility Worksheets
✅ College Coach Contact Logs
✅ Season Statistic Tracking
✅ Academic Data Metrics
✅ High School Key Data Log
✅ SAT/ACT Planning Worksheets
✅ 9-12th Grade Action Checklists
✅ Vision Boards
✅ Hitting/Pitching/Defense Workout Journals
✅ Strength/Speed Workout Journals
✅ Calendars, To- Do Lists and much more...
Recruiting Video + Profile 'Quick Guides'
✅ Learn the three things that will get your recruiting video turned off immediately and deleted. (Hint: Most videos made include these big TURNOFFS!)

✅ Learn exactly what should be on your recruiting profile to attract the right colleges TO you! 

✅ Insider information about exactly what college coaches want to see in a recruiting video and recruiting profile and what to steer away from.  

Athletic + Academic Eligibility VIDEO MODULE
✅ Learn the athletic and academic eligibility rules that you must know to play at the next level. 

✅ Learn the timelines of when and how coaches can communicate with you. 

✅ How to register for college eligibility and when. (Hint: Without doing this correctly, a player will be ineligible to play college baseball.) 

✅ What courses you must take in high school to be eligible to play in college. (Hint: They are different than HS graduation requirements.)

✅ Learn about the sliding SAT/ACT and GPA high school scale that DETERMINES if you are eligible to play in college. 

✅ Key differences between the SAT/ACT and how to find out which one is best for you. 

✅ How the SAT/ACT directly impacts the college baseball opportunities you will have and how to make this work in your advantage.  

✅ When to take your SAT/ACT and how many times to take them. (Hint: Our players follow a different test taking time frame than high schools recommend and gets them to score 100's of points higher using this process.) 

✅ Important SAT/ACT Mindset Information for HS Baseball Players. (The key to getting your son to work harder on this kind of test prep!)
And, on this page only, you're going to get some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Super Cool Bonus #1
✅ The three components that make up peak baseball pitching, hitting and throwing velocity and when COMBINED can DRAMATICALLY increase your velocity quickly.  

✅ Exercises and activities that LOWER velocity and should be avoided at all costs. (Hint: Many players are doing these right now and won't know it is hurting them until it is too late).  

✅ How to find the right baseball velocity coach to raise your baseball metrics without injury. 
Super Cool Bonus #2
✅ How to write a coach an email that gets interest and a reply. (Hint: Most emails sent contain information that coaches do not want to read.) 

✅ How a high school player can call a coach directly and get them interested. 

✅ I provide a sample email 'template' for you to use showing you the structure and information you need to write about.  

✅ How to find listed and 'unlisted' college coach email addresses. 

✅ Learn which coach on the staff you should email to get the best response.  
Super Cool Bonus #3
✅ The system we use to earn tens of thousands of dollars in private scholarship money.  

✅ How to use the private scholarship process to virtually create your own baseball scholarship and leave school debt free!

✅ The process we show also opens up college baseball opportunities that never would have been offered to you.  

✅ You can begin earning this money as early as 9th grade year!  

✅ Anyone can do it! I show you how to find private scholarships that match YOUR interests.  

✅ I teach you how you can use your academic scholarship applications towards your high school assignments and projects (that you have to do anyway)! 
Recruiting services charge $1,500-$3,000 for far less quality information than you are getting in this program.  Today is the time to invest in your sons future and having them realize their potential! 
This is an exclusive
limited time Sale
Take A Full 30 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
If the College Baseball Planner program doesn't show me exactly how to have a focused college action plan..... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to show me the process to gaining more attention... or if it fails to help my son have goals and clarity over where they want to go to school, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!
As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
now is the time to get started!
You get INSTANT access to the entire video portal of over 40 step-by-step videos once you order today.  Your digital planner workbook can also be downloaded instantly! Get started now!

Your son is just one plan away.....
-Jason Alamo
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  • ​​Velocity Secrets Audio Guide ($67 Value) ($67 Value)
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